Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex, Indiana PA

Toretti Auditorium

The Toretti Auditorium is an eight thousand five hundred (8,500) square foot, six hundred thirty two (632) seat theater style space featuring its own, independent, screen and projector, audio system, lighting system, and curtaining system. This space is an ideal location to present to a larger audience before taking advantage of the Conference Center for your breakout sessions. The Toretti Auditorium has its own entrance located on the Wayne Avenue side of the Complex, giving it the potential to host events completely independent of anything else going on at the facility!

  • Toretti Auditorium
    Diagram showing the Toretti Auditorium portion of the conferencing facilities at the Kovalchick Complex

To book your next event in the Toretti Auditorium at the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex, please contact:

Christine Knapik
Conference Sales Manager
Kovalchick Complex
(724) 357-5204